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photo credit: "A Southern Baptism," Detroit Publishing Company no. 09371.



SPIRIT HOUSE invests in and celebrates the richness and abundance of Black religions as they manifest through scholarly research, artistic expression, and community building. The projects gathered here were created by the Crossroads Project's inaugural cohort of Fellows (2022-2023). Their offerings include include documentary and experimental film, digital mapping, oral history interviews, curated digital exhibits, research reports, sound installation, dance, and spoken word performance.

Generously funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and hosted by Princeton University, the Crossroads Project  promotes deeper public understanding with Black religious histories and cultures, emphasizing the diverse landscape of Black religions, reflecting the voices and leadership of those not featured in traditional accounts. 

As you move through this site, we invite you to immerse yourself in the vision of our Arts Fellows, the connections drawn by our Community Stories Fellows, and the insight of the scholarship of our Research Fellows. Each piece is a window into the creator's larger project. We hope this site serves as a starting point for further journeys toward deeper understandings of Black religions and the ways they have shaped and shape our world.

Projects featured on this site are the intellectual property of the Fellows who created them and may not be reproduced without their permission. Please cite the creators if you use their work in support of your own

Citation: Author. “Project Title.” SPIRIT HOUSE: A Crossroads Project. Date Accessed. Project URL.







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